Climate claims fall flat

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To the Editor;
My kudos go to Matthew Gagnon whose column clearly states one reason that I am a staunch denier of the so-called climate scientist predictions. I am 80-years-old and have lived through every one of these dire predictions mentioned in the column.

One of the most important tests of any scientific theory is its ability to predict happenings based on the theory. Every one of these predictions made have failed. To me, that means the theory is faulty.

Another reason to doubt these climate scientists is that they seem to depend on consensus as evidence. Consensus is in no way a part of scientific inquiry. Evidence in real science are actual measurements made with accurate instruments with great precision.

As far as I know, carbon dioxide is heavier than air and would therefore sink to the earth and not become a part of greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide can be used up as fast as it is produced by blades of grass, bushes, trees, and by every plant on earth. Yet it is the one thing we hear the most that is causing climate change. These same plants replenish the oxygen we need to breath. So let’s debunk these claims and let our youth know they have nothing to fear about life on earth.

I wish our media would report all of the data, not just what supports faulty theories.

Climate has always changed over time and always will. No man can do anything to change that fact. What we must do is adjust to those changes and go on.

Howard Cutler

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