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To the Editor;
It is the traverse in the woods of ideology. The divergence in paths once aligned. It is here where the “one nation” meets its impassable chasm, a void too deep and too far to bridge.

The onslaught of anti-gun legislation, appointments and rhetoric highlights the stark contrast in ideals, our paths. On the one hand, is the knowledge that the Constitution does not grant any of the rights it delineates, but rather is the protector of said rights. On the other, is the perception that the document grants the citizens their rights and by extension the government it establishes.

A subtle difference and yet not. If a document grants you the rights of liberty, then it can be amended to curtail such liberty, and if its government is the administrator of those liberties granted, then it can be used to police and revoke them. This fuels the rabid and persistent attempts by the left to dismantle the 2nd Amendment.

To the conservative, the document is the bulwark, the protector of the liberties it acknowledges. These liberties are inherent, stamped, wired into our DNA at conception. Whether it be through God, the universe or evolutionary happenstance, natural born rights are instinctive and irrefutable.

This is the chasm between us. One believes utopia attainable through the government of the citizen, the curtailment of rights. The other refuses to surrender its natural born right of self-defense to the greatest mass murderer in world history and government.

Andy Torbett

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