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To the Editor;
There is a national trend for numbers, and it states that 30 percent of Mainers can’t pay their bills, let alone support a family. A single working adult has to make $31,284.00 to pay their expenses. Maine numbers follow a national trend that 33 percent of working men ages 19 to 64 are economically insecure.

Bear in mind that nationwide minimum wage is $15 per hour, our incumbent senator and legislators all agreed on $10 an hour for Maine. One does not have to wonder why we are the second poorest county in Maine. What has been done to help the county prosper?

We need high speed internet and communications systems. We need to encourage business to locate here. Are we offering trade schools and better education? Are we seeking or promoting any low income housing? Can you give any good reasons why anyone would move here with their families?

A proven record, a tax fighter voted property tax relief for who? Welfare reform who benefited? Free market health Insurance, how about Medicare?

Strong family values, how does that help constituents? Protector of 2nd Amendment rights? I have had guns for 75 years and needed no protection for my rights. These facts are just hollow reterec. It is time the truth be told, speaking of family values.

It is time for a change, give Sue Mackey Andrews a chance to bring a new approach to our district. I believe the present incumbents should be defeated, and new ones given a chance. New blood, new ideas, suggestions, and ways to improve our financial situation.

Let’s vote in a new slate and hold them accountable!

Ronald Nickerson

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