Common sense says it is time for a change

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To the Editor;
I have lived in Piscataquis County for 28 years. In this length of time I have seen the county regress, not prosper. Guilford, the town I live in, is not in good shape. Almost half the houses are vacant or in need of repair.

An older population resides here, and can not afford high taxes or rising prices. These people for the most part need health care. If they were not worried about their health care they would spend some of what savings they have on house repairs. They should not have to worry about being homeless.

Young people must leave here in order to make a living wage, it is impossible for a young family to make enough money to start and support a family on what they earn here.

We need to make advances to businesses to locate here. We must have trade schools and an education system that teaches vocations to our young population. We should be able to offer businesses trained help for a fair wage.

Bring prosperity to our county, something for our young people to look forward to, and the drug problem will abate. Drugs are the products of no hope and despair.

The above mentioned things are being done in central and southern Maine and their districts are prospering. We are doing nothing.

For years we have been hearing about the common sense candidate. My common sense tells me it is time for a change.

Lets thank Paul Davis for his many years of service to the state, for which I might add he has been handsomely compensated, and elect Sue Mackey Andrews. We also have a young progressive candidate for representative running and an ex-Marine running for the United States Congress. Now is the time.

In closing I will quote the man who is holding the office of president of our country, “What in hell have you got to lose?”

Ronald Nickerson

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