Moosehead Lake region fishing report

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I just wanted to pass along some quick information on fall river flows and lake elevations. I know a lot of people are gearing up for September fishing and would like to make plans.

Roach River: We plan to release water starting Sept. 4. We will likely release around 200 cfs to start, then increase the flow again around the middle of the month. We will be operating the weir on the lower end of the river this year to monitor the run of wild brook trout and salmon. We welcome the public to check it out, but please do not touch any of the gear. The fish can get stressed, so we ask that you stay back away from the weir. We usually tend the weir on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and we get to the site around 9:30 a.m.

Moose River: Brookfield will release 1,200 cfs starting Sept. 5. This should be a very good fishing flow. They may increase the flow toward the end of the month if there is enough storage in Brassua Lake.

Wilson Stream: We plan to begin the release at Wilson Pond on Sept. 5. It is important to put flow into stream early is September to help the wild salmon at Sebec Lake make their spawning journey over Earley’s Falls. It is spectacular to see these fish jumping at the falls in September. If you’re interested, you can see it for yourself by traveling to Willimantic and standing on the ledge outcrop where the stream drops into Sebec Lake. Here is a link to some video I shot a few years ago

East Outlet: The flow will likely be a little lower for the remainder of August as Brookfield attempts to hold Moosehead Lake stable through Labor Day. Flows will increase after the holiday. I’m not sure of the exact flow, but with 1,200 cfs coming in from the Moose River and the annual plan to get Moosehead Lake down to a low elevation before the end of October, the flows should be very good for fishing.

West Branch of the Penobscot below Seboomook (Foxhole area): We haven’t set the flow yet for the month of September, but based on preliminary comments, the flow will likely be around 750 cfs. This is lower than the optimum for fishing and boating. We like to have the flow closer to 1,000 cfs, but it has been dry and Brookfield is limited by their license to maintain certain lake elevations. Pray for more rain!

It has been very dry lately. Last week, First Roach Pd dropped 3.5 inches while we maintained the minimum flow. So, when these dams start to release water, you can expect the impoundments to drop quickly unless there is rain. So please plan accordingly if you have docks or boats that need to come out of the water for the winter.

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