Rich run the government

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To the Editor;
Global thinking nowadays is complicated by the disparity of environmental, economic and social problems. If they are considered nationally, at least in the U.S., then consensus is impossible to reach because of the divisiveness and intractability of political parties.

The materialism that generates world commerce also fosters the greed that has resulted in de facto control of governments by the wealthy, who make sure that the politicians they control pass laws that enable their wealth to increase. The result is that the people are kept satisfied with a mediocre living standard and distracted by electronic toys so that there is little likelihood of an insurrection threatening the wealthy or the politicians they control.

We do not have a true democracy in the United States, for the wealthy control how and by whom most money for political campaigns may be raised and donated. Dishonesty, lies and unethical behavior skew the outcomes of elections. We have political and economic systems corrupted by wealth and a disregard for the rights of ordinary citizens.

It’s time to stop and take a look at the relationships of governments and the motives driving those who govern, what the future may hold for us, and what our personal involvement must be if the world is to achieve peace through the acceptance and advancement of human rights for everyone.

After we take the look, who is going to lead us out of our headlong rush into catastrophe? Certainly not Congress and the president. Who then?

Edwin Treworgy

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