How to raise self-centered or loving children

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To the Editor;
Ten ways to raise self-centered children.

From infancy, give them everything they want. This way they will grow up to believe that the world owes them a living.

Never give them any spiritual training. Wait till they are 21, then let them decide for themselves.

Avoid corrections and never punish them, they may develop a guilt complex.

Pick up everything they leave lying around. They will learn to lay their responsibilities on the shoulders of others.

Let them read or watch whatever they want so they can become their own teachers in matters pertaining to sexuality.

Take sides and quarrel frequently in their presence, so they can become accustomed to arguments as a way of life.

Give them all the spending money they want. Why should they have things as tough as you had them.

Try to satisfy their every whim. Self-denial might lead to harmful frustrations.

Take their side against teachers, neighbors, and policemen. This will help them understand that everyone is prejudice against them.

When they get into trouble, always…always blame others or the system. They should never feel remorse over anything.

One sure why to raise loving children is this: Teach them to follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When I went to school in the 40s we had the golden rule, till the teachers union said you can’t have any religious teaching in public schools. I think it was a bad move and we should bring it back. It should start, from K to eighth grade.

If you agree call your school.
Joseph Riitano

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