Another view on guns

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To the Editor;
In response to Mr. Pooler’s letter on the Oct. 25 page, “Guns don’t kill people, bad people kill people.”

Regulating bullets wouldn’t work just like it doesn’t work on opioids now and alcohol (Prohibition) and other prescription drugs. Bad people will find a way to obtain what they want by way of the black market and doctor shopping.

As for the bullet itself one can make them without buying it from an ammo dealer. Just as our forefathers did hundreds of years ago.

The idea of regulating bullets because they kill — do we then regulate hammers, knives, baseball bats, iron pipes and two-by-fours? The list goes on and on.

Who is to say what the “right” or the “wrong” amount of legal ammunition would be?

I agree with Mr. Pooler, we do need to get a grip on bad people doing bad things. Start by enforcing the laws on the books. Enforce maximum sentences not bargaining down to lesser time.

Another shared government database isn’t the answer. Law abiding citizens are in too many databases as it is. As an American citizen I would rather live by having freedom than by some false security from our government.

It’s the bad and evil persons that this country should deal with (lock them up). Not the honest law-abiding citizens.

P.S. Not one of my bullets has harmed anyone.

Richard Stites

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