Town attorney does not represent the citizens of Sangerville

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To the Editor;
Notice to the Sangerville, Maine residents, I Richard R. Dobson Sr. have in writing legal documentation from the town’s attorney Thad B. Zmistowski’s office, and the board of overseers of the bar, that the town’s attorney Thad B. Zmistowski does not represent the citizens of Sangerville or works in the best interest of the Sangerville citizens and we are not his clients. Mr Zmistowski is in fact the town’s corporate attorney, representing the corpoation of Sangerville as an entity against the citizens of Sangerville and the public, and takes his direction from any one or more of the town officials only. In effect representing one or more town officials only, against the citizens and the public.

It is my conclusion, and opinion that we the citizens of Sangerville have been paying for, making our decisions, and taking our direction from the opposing attorney working against us, while all this time we were thinking he was looking out for our best interest. We have been lied to, misled, and deceived by the town’s attorney, the previous board of selectmen, and the previous town officials — all with legal documentation.

If we expect to, or need to be represented and take our direction on our decision making by an attorney on legal matters, he needs to be an independent attorney representing the citizens in our best interest and not against us. The town’s corporate attorney should only be used for protection against lawsuits against the town from the public or a resident.

Richard R. Dobson Sr.

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