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SAD 4 school budget vote is a no brainer

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To the Editor;
On Tuesday, Aug. 29 the SAD 4/Guilford-area voters will be asked to pass another massive tax increase school budget.

Ann Bridge wrote a memo which she passed out to the board more than a month ago in which she outlined concrete steps that could be taken to lower the tax increase or perhaps even eliminate it without affecting any programs or jobs. As amazing as it may seem, not one of these was discussed, considered or even alluded to at the budget meeting.

What they “decided” to do was lump the new state aid onto the old numbers and simply shove it back down the voters’ throats. They did reduce an imaginary number in the budget by $11,000, so that this year’s budget will be exactly the same as last year’s budget even though we have far fewer students.

And after this enormous exertion, they voted. Corey Hill from Abbot was the only member of the committee to vote no, explaining he could not in good conscience support a budget in which no cuts were even considered.

Which brings me to my point. Many people are reluctant to vote against the school budget because they feel that in some fashion it might affect the school. What actually happens is the school continues along on the same budget that was approved at the last district budget meeting which is an identical amount to the budget from last year.

If you vote “yes” your taxes go up. If you vote “no” nothing happens — but we get another chance to do the right thing. This is a no brainer but very few know about it.

We have multiple administrators and even teachers who are costing the taxpayers $100,000 per year. To ask our economically strapped communities to contribute to their luxurious lifestyles is no longer feasible.

We have a new and capable administrator who is waiting to hear from the voters what they want him to do. Let him know in no uncertain terms that you want the budget reduced and taxes lowered, and I feel certain that he and the members of the board that feel as I do will be able to do something about it.

The budget referendum election will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 29 from 8 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock in the evening at your local town hall. Be there and vote “no.”

Robert Shaffer

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