Harmony-based Siesta Sanctuary open house featuring parrots set for Aug. 12-13

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HARMONY — Siesta Sanctuary will host an open house from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug 12 and Sunday, Aug. 13. Over 80 parrots are looking forward to talking, playing, and admiring visitors, too. The event has free admission, parrot feathers, games, a treasure hunt, and a donation table.

Come play catch with a cockatoo, watch a blue and gold macaw dance when you sing “Yankee Doodle” or just admire this beautiful flock of birds from all around the equator.

The parrot flock includes macaws, Amazons, conures, and eclectus from South/Central America; African greys, jardines, lovebirds, and Senegal parrots from Africa; and cockatoos, cockatiels, and ring necks from Asia.

The birds are caged or fly free in two rooms depending on their temperament (wimp or bully) and how high their status is within the bird community. Some social ones make their rounds daily, visiting and chatting with other parrots. Others perch placidly alone in their cage, content to merely watch.

The nonprofit Siesta Sanctuary is a permanent home for parrots who have been displaced. Parrots are wild animals that live 30-80 years. They are very intelligent and social and in the wild thrive as part of a flock.

Siesta Sanctuary’s mission is to recreate the flock for parrots who have had their human flock disrupted. Seldom can humans accommodate these amazing birds through all the family life changes in 80 years.

It costs roughly $16,000 annually (about $45 per day) to house and feed the flock. Any donation, large or small, helps immensely.

The sanctuary loves volunteers, too. There are many small and large niches for help such as direct bird care, handyman services to stay ahead of the parrots’ demolition, transporting cardboard boxes twice a month, chopping produce and preparing 80 salads daily, floor care, making parrots toys, socializing with parrots, anything that helps keep the birds happy. Volunteers set their own schedules — do one day a week or one day a month. It all helps and is greatly appreciated.

This giant birdhouse is at 104 Brown Road. Contact Siesta Sanctuary via “SiestaSanctuary” on Facebook or call Margaret Buschmann at 683-6322.

Photo courtesy of Siesta Sanctuary
HEARD ABOUT THE BIRD OPEN HOUSE? — The Siesta Sanctuary in Harmony will hold an open house on Saturday, Aug. 12 and Sunday, Aug. 13 from noon to 5 p.m. each day. The facility at 104 Brown Road cares for more than 80 birds who have been displaced.

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