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To the Editor;
It seems as if we forge some pretty amazing bonds with the libraries in many of the towns we move to. Certainly, it is the case with the Thompson Free Library here in Dover-Foxcroft. Let me explain. We moved to Dover-Foxcroft almost three years ago as I was just beginning my degree program. My husband had recently retired from the U.S. Army after a 21 plus year distinguished military career as an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) soldier; and we were looking forward to our new life here in this quaint little town.

We purchased a home a little ways out of town, the kids were enrolled in school, Brian had begun work at his new job, and the only thing left was for me to begin my online classes. However, things did not go immediately as I had planned.

Boy, were we in for a treat because the Thompson Free Library is amazing! And we fell in love with it from that first day. Little did we know that the library along with the PVAEC (Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative) for me, Adrienne, would become the lifeline for continuing my education.

Well, we did what we always do when we get to a new location, we check it out. A main priority is to locate the library, get library cards and get to know our way around the fiction and nonfiction sections.

And this is really the crux of my story. If you can recall it was nearly three years ago that one of the main phone and internet service providers were having a really tough time and involved in serious negotiations. We are so thankful to now have very reliable internet from this provider, however, initially the situation meant “no immediate internet service” in our house. The library became my second home, and at Michelle’s, a wonderful and insightful library staff member, recommendation, PVAEC became my third home, when the library was not open.

The library/PVAEC served as my connection for emails from professors, postings to assignments, and responses to classmates, exam completions, and quizzes, etc.

These are two very important town resources. I am both proud and thankful that we have these organizations and I cannot stop praising the staffs and the quality of service they provided and continue to provide to me and to my family.

Helen and Thelma at the library and PVAEC respectively along with their staff have been invaluable to me. And if all continues to move as planned I will be graduating in the summer of next year! I could not have done it without them.

For one final word, check out the library and find out all about its amazing resources! Look into PVAEC if you ever feel like taking a class to try something new. These two places just might make all the difference in the world in your life, just like they did in mine!
Adrienne Clarke
(Future graduate)

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