Brownville-KI and Beyond Sled Dog Race results

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BROWNVILLE JUNCTION — Results from the eighth annual Maine Highlands Sled Dog Club and the town of Brownville’s Brownville-KI and Beyond Sled Dog Race, held on Jan. 28-29, are as follows:
Saturday’s 30-mile race: 1. Christine Richardson 2 hours, 31 minutes and 8.87 seconds; 2. Rico Portalatin 2:41.14.81; 3. Sally Manikian 2:42.46.63; 4. Heather D’arcy 3:31.32.74; 5. Terry Knowles 3:33.26.69; 6. Barry Dana 3:39.29.48; and 7. Ingrid Bower 4:30.56.25.
Saturday’s 20-mile race: 1. Amy de Wolski 1:30.57.25; 2. Kelly Berg 1:33.15.45; 3. Kim Berg 1:35.46.66; 4. Peggy Kipp 1:49.46.76; 5. Corina Alexander 1:56.45.83; 6. Kaitlyn Sutherland 2:03.04.70; 7. Rachel Arnold 2:03.58.48; 8. Michael Tierney 2:07.54.70; 9. Jeff Ladd 2:07.56.44; 10. Maggie Wey 2:51.32.94; 11. Catherine Benson 2:54.50.36; and 12. Larry Homer — did not finish.
Saturday’s fun run (at various distances): Sean deWalski 1:44.40.94; Linda Powers 1:53.02.85; Shannon Rioux 50:02.; Michael Malick 1:21.35.18; Brittany Robinson 1:37.07.53; Valerie Parent 1:21.37.66; and Michelle Chase 18:55.31.
Sunday’s 20-mile race: 1. Kelly Berg 1:44.50.42; 2. Amy de Walski 1:52.50.97; 3. Kim Berg 1:57.40.90; 4. Alexander 2:08.05.62; 5. D’arcy 2:09.21.60; 6. Arnold 2:11.37.51; 7. Sutherland 2:27.17.08; 8. Tierney 2:34.40.63; 9. Bower 2:47.45.04; and non-competitive Benson 2:13.29.72, Richardson 1:39.17.67 and Sean de Walski 1:50.24.37.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
STRETCH BEFORE EXERCISING — One dog does its own pre-race preparations prior to the eighth annual Brownville-KI and Beyond Sled Dog Race and Dog Days of Winter event Jan. 28 at Railroad Avenue in Brownville Junction.



Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
OVER THE SNOW AND THROUGH THE WOODS — Barry Dana and his team start on the trail Saturday morning during the eighth annual Brownville-KI and Beyond Sled Dog Race and Dog Days of Winter event. The weekend is hosted by the Maine Highlands Sled Dog Club and the town of Brownville.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
THE JOURNEY OF 30 MILES STARTS WITH A FEW STEPS — The eight dogs in Ingrid Bower’s team run out of the chute on Jan. 28 to start a 30-mile journey away and back to the end of Railroad Avenue in Brownville Junction.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
IDEAL MODE OF TRANSPORTATION — Heather D’arcy rides on the back of the sled as her dogs pull during a race on Saturday morning in Brownville Junction. Darcy would place fourth among seven in the 30-mile competition.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
THE JUNCTION GOES TO THE DOGS — Volunteers lend a hand and keep a grip to hold a team in place to prevent the eager dogs from taking off before the musher is ready.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
CALL OF THE WILD — The sound of dozens of dogs indicating their excitement could be heard across Railroad Avenue in Brownville Junction on Saturday morning.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom
HOMETOWN TEAM — Brownville’s own Terry Knowles once again took part in the Brownville-KI and Beyond Sled Dog Race and Dog Days of Winter event. On Saturday morning Knowles and his team ran in the 30-mile race.

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